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ION energy storage has been formed by a number of top experts in the energy storage industry. Our priority is to deploy energy storage, providing grid balancing and renewables integration. We are developing and advising on projects in Ireland and Worldwide through our network.

ION energy storage

What do we do?

  • Intelligent optimisation of existing facilities and generating plants using energy storage.

  • Leverage existing grid connections and capacity to deliver urgently needed systems services to allow more renewable energy to be utilised.

  • Develop system integration of solar, wind & energy storage which optimise revenues and are self-financing.

  • Deploy energy storage and embedded renewables into existing facilities using a fully funded turnkey package. 

  • Bespoke financing options means facility owners and managers have no capital outlay. The savings achieved pay for all the upgrades and the facility owner can expect reductions in their utility energy costs while – at the same time – increasing the amount of renewable energy they utilise.

Energy Storage in Ireland – do we need this?

Ireland has to generate 70% of its electricity demand from renewable energy sources to meet binding EU emissions reduction targets for 2025. In this instance, it is not unique as most developed countries struggle with the integration of renewable generation onto their networks.

ION can deliver

ION can deliver energy storage systems on existing sites to support emergency power supplies to the industrial plant as a backup power source, increasing plant reliability and eliminating the need for backup generators. We are also deploying energy storage with photovoltaics to create dispatchable power systems.

+ Our systems include bespoke finance so you can avoid capital outlay.

+ We take care of the entire system: planning, financing & implementation.

Energy and system services where and when needed.

Many countries are now facing situations in their power markets where renewable energy is 0 or negatively priced at periods of low customer demand. Providing energy and system services where and when they are needed is the focus of ION Energy.

The power system of Ireland is in a period of transition driven by national and European policy objectives, particularly with respect to renewable energy. This transition will result in a fundamental change to the power system generation portfolio, the operational characteristics of the system under both steady-state and transient conditions and it will significantly transform the requirement for—and composition of—essential system services.

The vast majority of the fuel used to generate electricity is imported, and this makes Ireland the most fuel import dependent Country in the EU. The importance of indigenous generation to enhance Ireland’s security of supply is great. It reduces Ireland’s dependence on fuel from volatile regions while reducing expenditure. Due to the high dependence on imported fuel Ireland’s energy prices are driven by the external forces of the global market.

As we move towards higher levels of renewable generation in Ireland the demand for system balancing services will increase. While the total levels of services required are not clear, it is anticipated that there will be a significant demand for storage services over the coming decade.

As the level of conventional power generation decreases, energy storage is required to stabilise the electricity network and keep it functioning within the desired parameters. Ion has developed a series of unique strategies which deliver these system services using existing electrical infrastructure and optimising them while at the same time facilitating the further deployment of renewables into the grid system.


ION is made up of the following individuals; each has an extensive background and deep knowledge of Energy Storage and Energy Trading.

Ion Energy Storage - John Ward

Mr John Ward, Director

John was one of the co-founding partners of redT energy (now Invinity Energy Systems) in 2009. As part of his involvement in redT he was involved in the production of a wide range of renewables+storage feasibility studies globally from mobile phone masts to large scale industrial installations. He remains a shareholder of Invinity Energy Systems (IES).

Since 2003, John has also financed, constructed, and operated over 70 MW of wind energy in Ireland. He conducted some of the first wind and energy storage integration studies in Ireland in 2006 with Mr Tim Hennessey.

Ion Energy Storage - Aidan Donnelly

Mr Aidan Donnelly, Director

Running his own consulting company with a number of other interests in Energy, renewable and environmental start-up companies, Aidan is also a Director of Science Foundation Ireland, the primary funding agency for research excellence in Ireland.

In addition, he was Chairman of NORA, the Irish government agency responsible for Ireland’s National Oil Reserve Agency for 13 years in accordance with the IEA and EU requirements serving 7 different Government Ministers for Energy or Climate Control.

With extensive experience in the start-up, development and management of technology-oriented multinationals in Ireland Aidan has held positions in Xerox (Europe), Quantum Peripheral Products, Puritan Bennett, Cabletron Systems, Betdaq (Global Betting Exchange Ltd.) and most recently, ServeCentric. Previous to this he served in the Irish army for over 12 years holding the rank of Captain in the Army Ordnance Corp.

Aidan holds an M.B.A. (UCG), M.I.E. (UCD) and a B.Sc. (UCG) and is a Chartered Director (C.Dir.) with the IOD.

Ion Energy Storage - Tim Hennessey

Mr. Tim Hennessey, Senior Advisor

Tim Hennessy is a hands-on technology and business leader mixing management and technology expertise to enhance and build businesses in the power and energy sectors. His insights into strategic market directions led him to pioneer and introduce California’s SGIP energy storage incentive program in 2008, which has been the cornerstone for much of California’s energy storage success. He has been involved with sales and customer acquisitions in the energy sector extending from renewable energy projects to total customer-side solutions. These have included structured PPA transactions and shared savings contracts.

He has held senior executive roles in multiple early-stage companies and raised over $100m in equity investments. His positions have included President of Prudent Energy, CEO of VRB Power Systems, Managing Director of LECTRIX (a Bechtel: AEP: Siemens JV), Vice President of PacifiCorp Energy Services and Power Quality Manager for ESKOM. In addition to leadership and management roles, he has expertise in energy storage, micro-grids, renewable energy systems including PV and wind, extensive product and project development experience.

He has served on the boards of several public companies and holds 65+patents covering Vanadium Redox flow batteries, wind turbine technology enhancements and self-healing grids. He serves as an advisor to “The Center for Renewables Integration”, an energy policy advisory group and to “eChemion”, a materials technology startup.


ION is working closely with the leading companies in the field of Energy Storage and system services provision.

Mitsubishi Power
PSC Consulting
McArdle Doyle
LK Shields